Dinner menu
Our ultimate pleasure is
to make the last bite just
as memorable as the first

Tasting menu

  • Two glasses of champagne (2 ounces each)

    30 $
  • 7-course menu with or without foie gras

    142 $
  • Wine pairing : five glasses

    80 $
  • Wine pairing : seven glasses

    105 $

The tasting menus apply to the table as a whole.

À la carte Menu

First courses

  • Line-caught Bluefin tuna tartare

    30 $

    kalamansi vinegar, rice chips, sake and mirin gelée, pickled turnip

  • Squash soup

    22 $

    bread tuile, apple mousse, squash brunoise, shiitake mushrooms, pickled mustard seeds

  • Foie gras terrine

    30 $

    brioche, buckwheat gel, apple purée, lingonberry gel, squash mostarda, walnuts

  • Princess scallops marinated with gin

    26 $

    kohlrabi, sea buckthorn berry water, fir mousse

  • Venison carpaccio

    28 $

    Parmigiano Reggiano, pickled lobster mushroom, za’atar croutons, pickled crosnes, leek oil mayonnaise

  • Striped bass

    29 $

    buttermilk garlic purée, roasted potato, black garlic, pickled radicchio, truffle butter

Main courses

  • Venison rib

    58 $

    pickled bell pepper purée, parsnip, romanesco, oyster mushrooms, red wine sauce

  • Duck magret

    54 $

    carrot purée, turnip, roasted carrot, shiitake mushrooms, black garlic purée, poivrade sauce

  • Lamb saddle

    57 $

    Brussels sprouts, celery purée, shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower, vermouth sauce

  • Rack of suckling pig

    52 $

    Jerusalem artichoke, lobster mushroom, carrots, Jerusalem artichoke chips, cabbage, roasted garlic sauce

  • Line caught Bluefin tuna loin

    58 $

    mushroom bouillon with spices, kohlrabi with ginger, shiitake mushrooms, sriracha, parsnip

  • Cavatelli with king eryngii mushrooms

    48 $

    curshaw squash, kale, truffle butter, Parmigiano Reggiano


  • Le bleu de la Moutonnière and le Fleur des Monts

    19 $

    Honeycrisp apple purée with quince vinegar, pickled shallots, toasted pistachios, cilantro oil


  • Genoise cake

    19 $

    Dulcey blond chocolate cream, crispy milk foam, dulce de leche, sea buckthorn berries, tonka bean sablé, tonka bean and cream cheese ice cream

    Vin de France 2016, Fleurs d'Érables, Les Sablonnettes, France (2oz), glass 8 $

  • Pink pepper meringue

    19 $

    ginger sponge cake, lemon curd, honey sponge toffee, tarragon syrup, raspberry granité

    Muscat du Cap Corse 2015, Grotte di Sole, Jean-Baptiste Arena, France (2oz) , glass 13 $

  • Maple caramel poached apple

    19 $

    rosemary and mascarpone cream, walnut nougatine, brown sugar meringue, apple tuile, green shiso milk sorbet

    Macvin Du Jura, Domaine de la Tournelle, France (2oz), half-glass 15 $

  • Praline panna cotta

    19 $

    Nyangbo chocolate and orange blossom sauce, brown butter granola, blueberry gel and sorbet

    Vermouth Torino, Bianco, Cantina Torelli (2oz), glass 10 $

  • Caramelized honey bavarois

    19 $

    buckwheat crumble, honey sponge toffee and gastrique, candied pine nuts, sweet clover and white chocolate cream, chamomile sorbet

    Pommeau de Normandie, Famille Dupont (2oz) , glass 10 $

  • Tasting of two Oolong teas

    14 $

Note: menus and prices may change without notice.